Long Cycles: Prosperity and War in the Modern Age
Joshua S. Goldstein
New Haven: Yale University Press, 1988.

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Full text of book in pdf format:

Contents, Preface

1. World System and World Views

PART ONE Debates

2. The Long Wave Debate 1 : Roots

3. The Long Wave Debate 2: The Current Debate

4. The Long Wave Debate 3: Empirical Arguments

5. The War/Hegemony Debate 1: Roots

6. The War/Hegemony Debate 2: The Current Debate

7. Knowledge Cumulation in the Long Cycle Field

PART TWO Analysis

8. Defining Long Cycles: Epistemology and Methodology

9. Data Analysis 1: Prices

10. Data Analysis 2: Real Economic Variables

11. Data Analysis 3: War

12. Toward a Theory of Long Waves


13. Continuity and Change: 1495 to 1648

14. Continuity and Change: Since 1648

15 . The Past and the Future

Data Appendices



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