Curriculum Vitae / Brief

August 2018

Joshua S. Goldstein

16 Poets Corner Rd., Amherst, MA 01002

(413) 256-6363


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ph.D., political science, 1986; M.S., 1984.

Stanford University, B.A., political science, with distinction, 1981.

Research and Teaching Experience:


1993 -         American University, Washington, DC: Professor of International Relations, School of International Service, 1995-2003 (Assoc. Prof. ‘93-95); emeritus 2003-


2005 -         University of Massachusetts, Amherst: Research Scholar, Political Science Dept.


2006 - 2014    University of Maryland, Nonresident Sadat Senior Fellow, CIDCM.


2008                Yale University, Visiting Professor Emeritus, Political Science Dept.


2002 - 2007    Brown University, Watson Inst. for Int’l Studies: Adjunct Prof. (Research).


1991 - 1993    MacArthur Foundation: Individual Research and Writing Grantee.

Harvard University Center for International Affairs: Associate.

Yale University International Security Programs: Fellow.


1986 - 1993    University of Southern California, School of International Relations:

                        Associate Professor, 1989-93 (Assistant Professor, 1986-89).



A Bright Future: How Some Countries Have Solved Climate Change and the Rest Can Follow, with Staffan A. Qvist (New York: PublicAffairs, Jan. 2019).

The Wounds Within: A Veteran, a PTSD Therapist, and a Nation Unprepared, with Mark I. Nickerson (New York: Skyhorse, 2015).

Winning the War on War: The Decline of Armed Conflict Worldwide (New York: Penguin [Dutton/Plume], 2011).

Symposium on book in Perspectives on Politics 11 (2), June 2013: 566-77, by Page Fortna, John Mearsheimer, and Jack Levy.

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Reference Works:


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Opinion Articles:


“The Decline of War and Violence.” (Goldstein and Steven Pinker). The Boston Globe, Apr. 16, 2016.

“Inconvenient Truths for the Environmental Movement.” (Goldstein and Steven Pinker). The Boston Globe, Nov. 23, 2015: A8.

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            “Time to Bite the Bullet -- In Half,” Los Angeles Times [Op Ed], April 13, 1990.

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“How Military Might Robs an Economy,” New York Times Sunday Business [Op Ed], October 16, 1988.

“The Long View: Joshua Goldstein Looks to the Nifty ‘90s,” interview in Barron's magazine, October 17, 1988.

Other Publications:


“R2P After Syria,” (Jon Western and Goldstein), Foreign Affairs [online], March 26, 2013.

Editor, Case in Point: Longman Video Series for International Relations [3-DVD video collection, co-edited with Jon C. Pevehouse] (New York: Longman, 2006, 2007).

Editor, Longman Atlas of War and Peace (New York: Longman, 1998).

Editor, At the Helm: Foreign Policy Choices in a Turbulent World [A Foreign Affairs reader]. NY: Council on Foreign Relations, 1997.

Book review of Feminist Theory and International Relations in a Postmodern Era (Christine Sylvester) in Mershon International Studies Review 39, suppl. 1, April 1995: 167-69.

Book review of The Political Economy of U.S. Military Spending (Alex Mintz, ed.) in American Political Science Review 87 (3), Sept. 1993: 816-17.

“Manpower Issues in Technology Transfer to the Middle East,” Vol. 2 and 3, (N. Choucri, J.S. Goldstein, and D. Hyman). Office of Technology Assessment report, 1983.

Media Appearances:


ABC Nightline; NBC; CNN International; CNN/fn; CNBC; MS-NBC; CSPAN2 Book TV; Canadian Broadcasting; Chum TV (Canada); NHK Japan; Israel TV; Hearst TV; Channel 8 News (DC).


National Public Radio (All Things Considered; Talk of the Nation; To the Point), PRI (The World); PBS (Wide Angle podcast); Christian Science Monitor Radio; CNN Radio; NBC Radio; AP Radio; BBC and BBC World Service; Sputnik Radio (Moscow); Australian Radio National; Voice of America World Service; German World Radio; Radio Hong Kong; South Africa Radio; Cable Radio Network; Minnesota Public Radio; Wisconsin Public Radio; WBUR (Boston); WNYC (New York); WOR (New York); WAMC (Albany); WAMU (Washington); WPFW (Washington); WTOP (Washington); WMAL (Washington); WRC (Washington); WBEZ (Chicago); WNIS (Norfolk, VA); WKCT (Kentucky); WWL (New Orleans); WILL (Urbana); KWGS (Tulsa); KTAR (Phoenix); KSFR (Santa Fe); KUOW (Seattle); KPIX (San Francisco); KGO (San Francisco); KVON (Napa); KPFA (Berkeley); KPCC (Pasadena).


New York Times; Washington Post, Chronicle of Higher Education; USA Today; Christian Science Monitor; Business Week; AP; Agence France Presse; Le Monde (France); Corriere della Sera (Italy); China Daily; Toronto Globe & Mail; Valor (Brazil); O Estado de Sao Paulo (Brazil); The Herald (Scotland); Stars & Stripes; Village Voice; Boston Globe; Dallas Morning News; Minneapolis Star-Tribune; Philadelphia Enquirer; Trenton Times; Washington Times; City Paper (Washington, DC); Washington Jewish Week.


Huffington Post

Awards and Honors:


Book of the Year Award, Conflict Research Society [UK], Winning the War on War, 2012.

Book of the Decade Award (2000-2009), International Studies Association, War and Gender, 2010.

Who’s Who in America, 70th edition, 2016 (and since 2003).

Victoria Schuck Award for best book on women and politics, American Political Science Association, 2002.

Scholar/Teacher of the Year, School of International Service, American University, 2002.

University Faculty Award for Outstanding Scholarship, Research, and Other Professional Contributions, American University, 1998.

American Jewish Congress, National Capital Region, “Conscience of the Community” Award (for Bosnia work), 1994.

            Karl Deutsch Award for research, International Studies Association, 1990.

            U.S.C. Associates Award for creativity in research and scholarship, 1990.

Pi Sigma Alpha Faculty Excellence Award for teaching, U.S.C., 1989.

President's Circle Faculty Award for scholarship, teaching, and service, U.S.C., 1988.

Grants Received:

            National Science Foundation, research grant, 1997-98.

MacArthur Foundation, Individual Research and Writing Grant, 1991-93.

U.S.C. Center for International Studies, Junior Faculty Fellowship, 1987.

National Science Foundation, Graduate Fellowship, 1983-86.


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Recent Committees:

            Chair, International Studies Association “Best book” award committee, 2013.

            Chair, International Studies Association Karl Deutsch award committee, 2007.

            Member, American Political Science Association, Victoria Schuck award committee, 2007.

            Editorial board member, New Millennium Books, Rowman & Littlefield, 2001-15.

            Editorial board member, Politics and Gender, 2005-07.